Vision Team


What Is a Vision Team?


A Vision Team is comprised of community members/peers who take on leadership responsibilities as a sacred trust for the Trehab Community Resource Center and the Recovery Community.


What do vision team members do?


  1. Plan
  2. Organize
  3. Provide on-going oversight to assure that services and activities meet the recovery support needs of the Trehab Community Resource Center and the Community it serves


What is expected of vision team members?


  1. Attend a monthly meeting
  2. Participate in on-going training
  3. Give honest feedback
  4. Honor recovery values / ethics
  5. Participate in problem solving opportunities
  6. Respect and Honor Confidentiality of Members.
  7. Integrate Community Resources


Together Vision Team Members, Volunteers, Staff, and Participants will create vibrant programs and activities that focus on building skills, healthy relationships, and recovery capital in individuals and community.


The Vision Team will review the monthly calendar of events and develop a yearly work plan.


Members will suggest programs and activities to enhance and support any newly identified needs of members.




Susquehanna County Vision Team Members

  • Cindy Stang – Chairperson
  • Dennis Stang
  • Joe Barry
  • Brooke Sampson
  • Mary Alice Hawley
  • Tom Meyer
  • Ryan Taylor
  • Karl Knapp                                                    

Wyoming County Vision Team Members:

  • Barb Landon- Chairperson
  • Sandy Vieczorek
  • Lindsay Millard
  • Cathy Franko
  • Rick Hiduk
  • Lou Dives
  • Judy Mead
  • Brenda Mills
  • John Shaffer
  • Cammie Anderson