Lockhart Elderly Housing Associates

The Lockhart is located at the junction of West Lockhart Street and N. Lehigh Avenue in downtown Sayre, Bradford County, PA.

Renovation of this Sayre cornerstone historical structure started in July, 2005, with residency available September 1, 2006. The total development cost was $2 million. This Victorian designed three-story building provides space for three commercial businesses on the first floor and nine apartments on the second and third floors. The apartments provide affordable one and two-bedroom units for low to moderate income residents aged 62 and older. The spacious apartments have state-of-the-art fire measures installed (sprinkler system, fire-rated walls and doors). An elevator, laundry room, and community room are provided for the residents. Individual heat and air conditioning, domestic hot water, and separate gas and electric services were installed for each apartment. In addition to new mechanical and electrical systems, energy efficient windows were incorporated throughout the building. The building was opened for occupancy on September 1, 2006.

Lockhart Front before renovation

Lockhart front after renovation

Lockhart side before renovation

Lockhart side renovation

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For information regarding apartment availability and monthly rent, please contact the building manager’s office at:

(570) 888-7376 or (570) 265-6133 ext. 1