Trehab’s Housing department aids individuals and families in the process of maintaining a safe and affordable place to live. Housing development, homeownership programs, and many other aspects of Trehab’s  program help the commuinity to obtain and maintain a place to live. 

Trehab, a Community Housing Development Organization, is committed to serving and partnering with communities to provide assistance in housing revitalization efforts. Trehab’s Housing Department is a continuum of programs that provide affordable, safe, and innovative housing for area residents. The department aims to help community members in low-to-middle income households to obtain housing while also working to improve the overall community. Trehab counselors also work to provide first-time homebuyers access to the homebuyer market through pre-purchase education and counseling. Trehab also helps homeowners to maintain their homeownership status through foreclosure intervention counseling and assistance.

Trehab Homeownership Program

This program is available in Bradford, Susquehanna*, and Wyoming Counties for first-time homebuyers. Online education instructs consumers in various aspects of purchasing a home and homeownership. One-on-one counseling is available to help first-time homebuyers with the purchase of their home. Down payment and closing cost assistance may also be available depending on income guidelines. 

*Please call for information about the Susquehanna County Homeownership Programs as they may differ from those offered in other counties

Affordable        Housing    Developments

Trehab has successfully been able to build and renovate multiple affordable housing developments throughout its service area. The housing developments are targeted toward vulnerable populations and provide affordable, safe housing to those in need. For more information about Trehab’s housing developments, use the menu to the left!