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General Rules

Please note Susquehanna-Wyoming County Transportation’s Buckling Up policy.

Your pick-up time:  When you call to arrange your transportation,  we will give you your pick-up time.  This time is usually double the time it would take to travel in a car.  The reason for this is that we may have to pick up other clients before we take you to your appointment,  and we would rather have you be early for your appointment than late. Also,  when you arrange your transportation,  we will ask you about how long your appointment will last.  If this time changes significantly,  you may call the office to let us know you are done earlier  or will be done later,  and we will try to get a driver to you sooner, if available.  

15 Minute Pick-up Window:  If your scheduled pick up time is 8:00 am,  we may be there are early as 7:45 am or as late as 8:15 am. 
No-Show Policy:  A no-show is defined as any occurrence when the driver arrives at your scheduled pick-up location and you are not present for your pick-up within 5 minutes.  In instances where appointments may be cancelled,  you must call the SWCT office 2 hours from your scheduled pick-up to cancel,  so that it is not considered a “no-show”. Frequent no-shows are a financial burden to SWCT and an inconvenience for other riders,  and therefore may bring about disciplinary action,  up to suspension of services.  This will be considered after 3 no-shows.  Please contact the SWCT office if you need to cancel your scheduled ride as soon as possible (toll-free: (866) 278-9332). 
Passenger Conduct Rules:   SWCT has the right and responsibility to sanction individuals that fail to comply with the agency policies and procedures.  Instances that would require disciplinary action under this policy will include,  but are not limited to:  frequent no-shows,  fraud or misuse of services,  and/or unacceptable behavior. 
Car seats are required for children and must be provided and secured by the parent.  Seatbelts must be worn by all riders.  Please contact the SWCT office with any questions regarding these rules. 
Packages:  When you use SWCT you may want to take along small packages,  bags,  or other items.  Please understand that as a Shared-Ride Service,  there must be limits to what we allow our passengers to carry on the vehicle.  Normally,  items being transported must be limited to what can reasonably be carried by one person in one trip.  Our drivers will provide assistance in this area as part of our door-to-door service,  but this does not include the lifting of heavy or bulky packages or the making of multiple trips. Typically,  four grocery-sized bags per client are allowed. 
Escort Policy:  You may bring someone with you as an escort if you cannot travel independently due to illness or disability,  or if you do not speak English.  A parent may travel with a child using the SWCT service.  This may be free or a co-pay may be required,  depending on the program you are eligible for.  If you are not eligible for any service programs the full-fare will be charged.  You must call the SWCT office in advance to notify the staff when bringing an escort,  and to find out the rules and cost (if any).