Drug & Alcohol Prevention

Trehab’s Prevention Department conducts educational programs in schools, and throughout the community, to build protective factors and reduce risk factors for alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) abuse. 

TOO GOOD FOR DRUGS (TGFD) is an evidence-based prevention program for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade.  It is designed to reduce the intention to use alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs in youth.  TGFD also impacts students through a family component used in each grade level.

*Please note:  This model program, to be implemented with fidelity, requires 10 sessions in each classroom.  Trehab staff will adapt materials and curriculum for the number of sessions requested, if less than 10.

LIFE SKILLS TRAINING (LST) is an evidence-based substance abuse prevention program for upper elementary and middle-school students.  LST develops personal skills and interpersonal skills to promote individual competence; it aims to decrease young people’s vulnerability to substance use through social influences from peers and the media.

*Please note:  This model program, to be implemented with fidelity, requires 8 sessions in each classroom at the elementary level and 15 (first year), 10 (second year) and 5 (third year) at the middle/high school level.  Trehab staff will adapt materials and curriculum for the number of sessions requested, if less than these numbers.



S.A.P. CORE TEAM CONSULTATION/LIAISION – A Prevention/Treatment staff member will serve as a drug and alcohol services liaison on each district’s Student Assistance Program Core Team(s). Staff will be present at meetings at least twice each month.

INITIAL SCREENINGS  Prevention/Treatment staff will conduct drug and alcohol initial screenings for students referred by SAP Core Teams who may need drug and alcohol supportive services.  The Core Team, prior to the screening, must provide a parent consent form to staff completing the screening.  Screenings are conducted at the school (or at the Trehab offices).  Following this screening process, a recommendation is made—usually one of the following three options: 1) further evaluation by a D&A treatment professional,  2) participation in a school-based/agency based educational support group, or 3) no further D&A services are needed at this time.  With student consent, a written letter documenting the recommendation will be sent to the Core Team.

FORMAL INTERVENTIONS – Trehab staff will participate in formal interventions with students and their parents as requested by SAP Core Teams.  Appropriate planning and preparation for the formal intervention should include all agency and school staff who are expected to participate in the intervention.

EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT GROUPS – Trehab staff specifically trained in educational support groups co-facilitate with trained school personnel and cover various topics for life and social skill development. Support groups include but are not limited to: Drug and Alcohol, Self-Esteem, Hygiene/health, PREP (see above), Teen Issues, Bullying, Anger Management/Healthy Communication, Stress Management, Codependency/COA. The aim is to provide students the basic knowledge needed for making healthy choices as well as an opportunity to share concerns and ask questions in a safe, non-threatening environment.  Please note that these groups provide support and education only; they are not for counseling or therapy.   The prevention/treatment staff will provide written outlines and lesson plans, and process group with a co-facilitator.  Groups must be co-facilitated by appropriately trained school personnel.

  • Students in grades 4 – 12
  • Maximum of 8 students per group
  • Approximately 8 -12 sessions, depending on topic(s)


Trehab counseling staff will provide on-site drug and alcohol counseling to students who have gone through the S.A.P. referral process and evaluated as requiring addiction treatment. Staff will also provide on-site treatment to students who have been discharged from inpatient drug and alcohol facilities and require aftercare support.

SPECIAL EVENTS/ASSEMBLIES – customized presentations for small to large groups are always available upon request (please schedule as far in advance as possible to allow for staff schedules).  Teacher in-services, student assemblies and community agency educational trainings/workshops are just a few things we offer! Drug and Alcohol Department Treatment and Prevention staff facilitate. Fees are determined on an individual basis/sliding scale, based on ability to pay. As a community action agency our goal is to educate as many individuals as possible, ages 0-100, about Drug and Alcohol issues and health.

LENDING LIBRARY – Trehab Prevention has an extensive library of printed and video resources available to the community at no cost.

For more information, please contact:

Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program Specialist Trehab
36 Public Avenue
PO Box 366
Montrose, PA  18801

570-278-5237 or 1-800-982-4045 ext 5237