Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Trehab’s Drug and Alcohol Outpatient Treatment Program is a community-based program that provides substance use disorder treatment and educational services to adolescents, adults and their families;  the organization also offers Certified Recovery Specialist services. Click here if you are looking for specific information on Trehab’s Community Resource Centers.

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Program Philosophy
Trehab recognizes chemical dependency
as a chronic, progressive disorder that can be
terminal without the proper treatment.
The focus of treatment at Trehab is
centered on helping individuals change
destructive behaviors and develop a
lifestyle free of mind altering drugs. We
believe that recovery and a healthy lifestyle
are realistic goals for anyone impacted by

At Trehab we believe in treating the client as an individual and addressing his/her substance abuse problem on a biological,  psychological,  social,  and spiritual level.  Although certain aspects of addiction are similar,  each person has experiences which are unique to him/her,  as well as underlying contributors and issues that make his/her experience unique.
Trehab operates as a private non-profit 501 (c) 3 corporation and is governed by avolunteer Board of Directors. We receive funding from a variety of sources including
federal, state, and local grants, PA Medical Assistance, private health insurance, patient payments, and donations. All revenue received is treated as first sources of income. Trehab is fully licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Drug & Alcohol Programs (DDAP).
We accept medical assistance and some insurance policies. For those who are found to be ineligible for medical assistance, we offer moderate rates for services and a sliding scale based upon income and family size. (Clients must provide documentation to be eligible for the sliding scale.) No one will be turned away from treatment based on his or her ability or inability to pay.
Comprehensive Screening & Assessment
An assessment of each person’s relationship with mood-altering chemicals is performed, and the results are discussed at length with the client. The purpose of this
service is to raise the person’s awareness regarding his/her relationship with mood-altering substances.  Based on the assessment results,  a client is recommended an appropriate treatment option.
Treatment Services
As a private,  non-profit treatment center we are licensed to provide a continuum of care including:
  • Screening and Assessment
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Therapy
  • Psychoeducational Services
  • Brief Therapy
  • Gender Groups
  • Rational Living Therapy
  • Adolescent Counseling
  • Certified Recovery Specialist Services
  • Aftercare Planning
Clients attending treatment will gain knowledge in:
  • Impulse Control-  a focus on learning to change behaviors and to exert control over thoughts and impulses to assist with curbing addictive behavior.
  • Development of a Sober Structure-  Structure in daily life is important in recovery and is incorporated into the program to help clients plan sober support meetings and outpatient sessions into daily schedules along with employment and/or school.
  • Development of Sober Support System-  This occurs in part through incorporating 12-step meetings and connections to other school individuals.
  • Coping Mechanisms-  Clients develop necessary coping skills to deal with anger,  stress, boredome and difficult relationships.  Coping skills include appropriate expression of emotions,  asking for help when feeling overwhelmed,  being honest with cravings and devleoping healthy actions when faced with unexpected obstacles.
  • Denial-  Clients often don’t realize the extent of how addiction has impacted their lives and loved ones,  employment, finances and health.  Clients are taught to address consequences of addiction and the negative impact drugs/alcohol has on their lives.
  • Peer Influence-  Many young clients have a difficult time dealing with becoming sober at such a young age and are expecially susceptible to peer influence.  Education focuses on the seriousness of peer influence and the impact on relapse.  Guidance is provided on how to develop new friends and support groups through young adult programs and 12-step meetings.
  • Aftercare Planning-  All clients are given an aftercare plan upon discharge to ensure continuity of care.  Counseling staff are available to assist with long-term aftercare treatment or living arrangements such as halfway or recovery houses.
Trehab’s Drug and Alcohol Treatment/Counseling Services,  under contract with the Lackawanna/Susquehanna County Offices of Drug and Alcohol Programming (SCA) makes all attempts to provide immediate service to the following special needs populations:
  1. Pregnant injection drug users
  2. Pregnant substance users
  3. Injection drug users
  4. Overdose Survivors
  5. Veterans
Trehab does not discriminate against any person because of age,  race,  color,  ethnic background,  national origin,  religion,  mental or physical disability or handicap,  sex,  sexual orientation,  marital status,  parenthood,  or financial status.
Participants in Trehab’s Treatment Services will also be connected to other Trehab programs (Transportation, Workforce, Community Services, etc.) as relevant.