Susquehanna Youth


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     A Youth-In workshop/ meeting was held at the Susquehanna county Trehab office in Susquehanna, on January 14, 2013. Eight youth were in attendance. Six of the youth are enrolled in the WIA Youth-In program and two youth were guests of the attending youth who came to inquire about the program. A workshop for the WIN Soft program was held by Instructor Melinda Darrow. The Career Advisor for the Youth Program gave a presentation to the guests about the enrollment process for the Youth-In Program. Afterwards,  a delicious Ice-cream treat was provided for the group.


A brief discussion on the Work Readiness was also presented. The youth obtained knowledge on:

How to make an impression during a job interview

How to conduct effective job search

The famous dress for success

Importance  of values and decision making


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