Can Sculpture


On Friday November 9th judging was held for the first annual Battle of the Schools can sculpture contest.  Mountain View, Montrose, and Blue Ridge all submitted very creative and well done creations.  The panel of distinguished judges, comprised of Jim Baker (WPEL Radio Announcer and baseball umpire, Debra Valunas (from Representative Sandra Majors' Office), and Staci Wilson (Montrose Independent Reporter), toured the schools to assess the sculptures.  WNEP graciously covered the event, and Bill McVaugh donated photography services.  

Blue Ridge's entry was a bowl of Jello, complete with spoon and fork.  Blue Ridge Leo Club members Erin Perry, Katherine Kempa, and Casey Purdum were in charge of the project, with Perry designing the sculpture aind Kempa and Purdum helping to organize collection efforts.  

bowl sculpture

In Montrose, Key Club members created a castle complete with pasta box moat and Feed A Friend and school pride flags.  Over 1,000 cans went into the project. 

castle sculpture

At Mountain View Student Council members led a Hunger Games challenge to collect food.  In each grade two tributes were assigned to help collect items from their grade level.  These cans were used to create a replica of the Hunger Games logo, complete with cans structures representing the districts.  Nearly 2,000 canned food items went into the sculpture based off of the popular book series. 

hunger sculpture

All three sculptures were impressive, but in the end the judges awarded Mountain View the title and plaque.  It is hoped that the program can be repeated next year. 


Trehab would like to thank everyone involved in making this event a success:  school students, staff, and administrators, our volunteer judges and photographer, channel 16 and the Montrose Independent for covering the day's activities, and Trehab staff who organized the competition. 

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