We've resurrected our agency newsletter.  The newsletter is in electronic format,  and will be sent out as a pdf attachment.  It is planned to be roughly bimonthly, or when special events occur.  To subscribe, e-mail, with your name and the e-mail address you want to receive the newsletter at.  You can unsubscribe at any time, and e-mail addresses will not be sold or misused. 

Click here to access the first edition.

Here's the answer's to the "Quick Quiz" questions in this month's edition:

1. It's okay to take someone else's cold medicine if you have a cold too. 

  • False! Cold medicine, if prescribed by a doctor, is intended only for the person to whom it was prescribed. Taking someone else’s cold medicine could pose a serious threat if there are known/unknown allergies.


2.You can get better faster if you take extra medicine. 

  • False! Medicines should only be taken as directed.


3.It's easy to tell the difference between pills and candy.

  • False.   It can be very difficult to tell the difference between a medical pill and candy. Many hard candies look similar to prescription pills. There are various simulation quizzes on-line to demonstrate this point.  For instance, the California Poison Control System website offers this quiz.


4.Using tobacco products is risky because they can cause lung cancer. 

  • True. Tobacco products are linked to several types of cancer. Smokers are especially susceptible to lung cancer.


5.Using tobacco products can cause heart disease. 

  • True.  Tobacco products have a detrimental impact on a person's heart function. 


6.Stretching before you exercise can prevent muscle fatigue. 

  • True.  Especially for people who don't exercise on a regular basis. 

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