Feed a Friend



The 28th Annual Feed-a-Friend program is on for Susquehanna County!  Last year 878 families and elderly households (totaling approximately 2,986 individuals) were provided with a Thanksgiving dinner through the WNEP and Trehab Feed a Friend program.  Thank you in advance for sending in your canned goods to help toward the food drives that will support our food banks located in Montrose and Susquehanna.

This year, the Feed-a-Friend program has a twist.  The first annual Battle of the Schools Can Sculpture competition has begun. Blue Ridge, Moutain View, Montrose and Elk Lake are participating in the contest the contest, which is scheduled for judging on Friday November 9th.  We cannot wait to see what will be happening....we will be posting pictures. The winner will receive a trophy to keep for one year (and defend the next).  All can/food collections will be dismantled and food will go to our two food banks in Susquehanna County.  



Follow this contest to see common cans become classy creations.



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