GED Success


Passing the GED exam is a great accomplishment, and Wyoming County Trehab is proud to announce that all seven, of our recently enrolled students, passed the GED test.  According to the American Council on Education, the organization that manages the GED, the test is designed so that only 60% of high school seniors could pass on their first try.  Successfully passing the GED test means that students have earned a high school equivalency credential.  This reflects a similar, but not identical, level of academic achievement as a high school diploma. 

Attaining the GED is life altering for most of these students because they are now equipped to pursue post-secondary education or enter job search.  To assist students with those important next steps, Trehab offers a broad range of monthly workshops.  Whether students are seeking assistance with interviewing skills, techniques to create effective resumes, or guidance on career decision making, help is available for them.  It is very rewarding to see gains in confidence and competence as students’ awareness of career paths broaden and diverse employment opportunities open to them.

Dalton Weist is a great example of a GED student gaining employment after completing his studies and passing his GED exam.  Dalton began studying for the GED exam on Jan 24, 2012.  Instructor Merriel Oliver encouraged him all the way through the process.  Dalton passed the GED exam on April 24, 2012.  It was not long after that he obtained employment at North American Warhorse as an ATV technician.   He then took the initiative to attend workshops through Trehab on career decision making.  He learned that he had more options to look into for his future.  Dalton is now enrolled at Penn State University for a forestry and wildlife degree.  He will begin his studies in January 2013 and will be an asset to his future employers.


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