ESL Student Shines


Wei Russell had been in America less than two years before she decided to get her GED. She came into the GED classes that were available in November of 2011 to take a TABE test. She tested at low intermediate levels. Her English was difficult to understand and she had difficulty reading in the English Language.

She began taking classes in December and came once a week faithfully for over five months. She sat through each of the subjects, excelling in math, while struggling with reading and writing.                                                                                          

After giving her a TABE post-test in February, Trehab’s GED instructor suggested that she take a pre-GED test.  With that score in hand it was agreed that she sign up to take her math test only.  She passed the math section with a 520. 

With one test down, we decided to concentrate on Reading and Writing. Wei practiced writing numerous essays. The following month she took several pre-
GED tests focusing on Social Studies and Science. She took her GED for these and got a passing grade in Science. The largest issue that she faced for Social Studies was not having a good knowledge of the American political system. The instructor found a few websites and recommended reading more in the newspapers. The second time that she took the test; she passed it. She also took Reading and Writing, but did not pass these.  

Wei took the Writing a second time, but did not pass due to the essay section. Although she was very concerned because she was told that she could only take it three times within a year, she continued to work hard. She came to each class taking several more Pre-GED tests and practicing her essay writing. Signing up to take the test again early in June, she passed the rest of her tests, but was still short 20 points. With a little disappointment, but a lot of determination, she set her sights on reviewing her math skills in hopes of increasing her score in that test. One final try and a tremendous amount of hard work finally paid off. Wei increased her math score by more than 100 points and will soon be receiving her GED in the mail.

She plans to look into taking classes at Mansfield University and will take her time in deciding exactly what profession she has an interest in. Whatever that is, I’m sure she will succeed!

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