Summer Youth


The Summer Youth program places qualifying teenagers into subsidized employment experiences, allowing them to receive a paycheck while gaining valuable employment related knowledge and experience.  To kick off the program, participants take part in an event called Academic Enrichment week,  shere youth participate in a variety of educational activities, such as interview practice and teamwork exercises.  

In Susquehanna County the program was small in number, but enjoyable nevertheless in practice.  Guest speakers from the Women's Resource Center, Trehab's Drug and Alcohol Prevention department, and the Educational Opportunity Commission led workshops, and the schedule involved activities and lessons on topics ranging from commonly mispelled words and interview skills to the natural gas industry and team work.  Click here for a photo album of the week.     

Wyoming County youth participants were involved in numerous soft skill employability activities during this AE week.  Youth activities covered a broad spectrum.   Focused activities and demonstrated skills included the importance of education, effective team communication, healthy choices, good citizenship, career readiness, and appropriate use of social media.

Youth week’s guest speakers included:

Mary Lou and Pat, from Victim’s Resource Center, addressed the effects of bullying and provided important cyber safety tips

Merriel Oliver, GED Instructor, with dropout prevention activities

Phil Smiley, Wyoming County Site Supervisor, and Cathy Wagner, Career Advisor, conducted workshops on the development of cover letters, resumes, and interviewing skills, as important job readiness tools.

Tina Hodge, Youth Career Advisor, used activities such as building a spaghetti and marshmallow tower to show that a fun and interactive activity could also build team participation and critical thinking.  With simple ingredients, the youth discovered important lessons in collaboration, innovation, and creativity.

Sharon Bartolini, EOC Academic Specialist, provided important information developed to guide students into their post-secondary options.

Barb Landon, Chairwoman of Wyoming County C.A.R.E.S. (Coalition on Addiction: Research, Educate and Support) a non-profit organization of local citizens concerned about the growing problem of drug and alcohol abuse in our community.  Mrs. Landon addressed the youth on the consequences of poor choices and how it can have long term, negative effects on career paths.  She also discussed the alarming and increased use of synthetic drugs, cannabinoids (a.k.a. “Spice” or “K2”) and substituted cathinones (a.k.a. “bath salts”) along with the dangerous and sometimes deadly side effects associated with them.  PA is one of the states with legislation outlawing synthetic drugs-

The trip to the Wyoming County Historical Society was a big hit.  Teacher and Historical Society volunteer, Dick Daniels, did an excellent job highlighting local history and heritage.  The youth showed great interest and curiosity as Mr. Daniels discussed historical items ranging from Indian artifacts to World War II memorabilia, all donated by individuals from Wyoming County and surrounding areas.

In spite of limited time, our youth made great strides  in down-town Tunkhannock’s clean-up of green spaces.  Work projects included, weeding, tree limb trimming, and debris removal.  Sections of the Trehab vegetable garden were also prepped and tomatoes were planted.

AE week was concluded with a visit to The Popcorn Factory, a local business that specializes in customized, comfort foods.  The youth enjoyed pizza and ice cream cones as an end of the week celebration.  The varieties of activities were intended to promote the development of motivation, integrity, self-control, and citizenship.


Click here for a photo album of Wyoming County's events. 


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