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Susquehanna Employer Hires HS Senior

Mr. Bob Stone, Manager of the Susquehanna Home Center, contacted the Youth Career Advisor about accepting a youth for a Spring 2012 PWE.   Ben Gall, a HS senior who graduated on June 9, 2012 was selected to participate in the PWE (Paid Work Experience) with the Home Center.  Ben worked from May 7 - June 4, 2012 through the WIA Youth IN Program.

After the PWE was completed, the Career Advisor was contacted by Mr. Stone and Ben was hired as a part-time employee. The role of our youth in the workforce needs to increase in preparation for the aging workforce that is getting ready for retirement.  Ben now has the opportunity, as he transitions from the life of a student, to experience the workforce and build his resume history.

Trehab is very grateful for the support that the Susquehanna Home Center Staff offered Ben. Ben was involved in many extracurricular activities his senior year and The Home Center went above and beyond to accommodate Ben’s schedule.   The Susquehanna Home Center understands the importance of hiring today’s youth and was a tremendous Workforce Partner.

Finding a summer job is difficult for youth due to the current nationwide adult unemployment situation. The WIA Youth Program helps the teenager have an opportunity to gain the work experience for a positive life experience.  


youth employment

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