Women's Health Week Event


On May 15th and 16th Trehab's Drug and Alcohol Prevention Department hosted Healthy Together:  An Interactive Mother Daughter Experience, with funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women's Health.  The purpose of the program was to provide girls in grades K-6, and their adult female role models, with a fun and informational way to spend an evening together, while learning about their own health.  It was held as part of the national Women's Health Week 2012 initiative. 

In total, 37 people participated in the event over the two evenings, including 20 girls, 14 women, and 3 males.  The families were invited to make nutritious and fun snacks representing multiple food groups, to participate in an activity about the effects of smoking on your lungs, to exercise with hula hoops and jump ropes, and to learn about the dangers of misusing medication.  A display was available for participants to see if they could tell the difference between medication and candy (in many cases the two look quite similar). 

The event was enjoyable overall.  Here's what participants had to say about it on evaluation forms. 

"It was fun! We really enjoyed it! Thank you."

"Fun and entertaining- would attend in the future."                                                                                       

"Hope to do it again next year."

"Great job!"

"This is fun, the food is filling."

"Great job Andrew and team."

"Had a great time."

Trehab would like to thank the Office of Women's Health, Mountain View School District, and Montrose Area School District, for their help with the events.  Thank you also to the attendees! 

Click here to see an album with some photos from the event. 




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