Meet a Trehab Intern


Through the years, Trehab has hosted a variety of interns in various departments.  In this news item, a recent intern introduces herself and tells her story.  She has been working at the Wyoming County Workforce Development office.  Thank you, Ashley, for your time and effort helping our program.


Hello!  My name is Ashley.   I am a psychology major in my senior year at Keystone College.  To graduate with my bachelor’s degree I am required to complete an internship in my field of study.   I chose to intern at Trehab to better prepare myself to work in the community.

I am currently president of the Keystone College Psychology Club.  After graduating from Keystone College, my plan is to continue my education by attending graduate school.  My goal is to obtain my doctorate in clinical psychology, with the aspirations of one day getting licensed in that field and opening my own practice.        

My friend Kathryn Charnogursky and I completed a research project that was accepted for inclusion in the 2014 APA Convention. It will be presented at the convention in Washington, DC during the first week of August.  The title of the project is The Effects of Gender on the Incidence and the Intensity of Cyber-Bullying.    





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